Can you calculate the tangible results of a UX design

UX/UI professionals obviously see the inherent value of improving the experiences of a product/Service.

But do you think people especially business leaders see it that way? Do you think they understand the value that UX can provide to their product/service?

And while the user experience value might seem obvious to the designers, there is absolutely no harm in understanding the impact of your UX design project in terms of numbers (not just for business leaders, even for yourself).

There is a common misconception that calculating tangible results of UX design/re-design is like measuring the invisible. But is it so?

There are actually so many ways, metrics, formulas, and frameworks to calculate the ROI of your design. And I think every designer should inculcate it in their core framework of designing projects. It can be in terms of:

Increased sales and conversions
Increased productivity
Increased Impressions
Increased user loyalty
Better reviews
Decreased errors or complaints

So next time when you face an issue convincing the stakeholders for investing in the UX, calculate the impact of your work, and show them the business value, and then see the difference!

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