How I improved my designs?

I started my design journey in 2015 and since then all I have been doing is working every single day to improve my designs. Well, below are a few things that helped me improve my UI designs and make them better:

1. Typography plays a very (though subtle) role in your design. I have been focusing on improving it since day 1.
2. I started using only soft shadows: they are not hard on the eyes, and definitely look elegant.
3. Do not use black (#000000), use the darkest shade of your primary color
4. Do not try to fill in the screen with useless things. Sometimes when we see an almost empty screen with only a few elements (like in signup or sign-in screens), we tend to go overboard and try to fill in the empty space with some illustration or shading — this takes away the focus from the important elements.
5. Keep your design minimal
6. Invest in some amazing icon pack like fontawesome or Anron
7. Study and keep learning from designers that inspire you — Most important!
8. Follow the best UX/UI design pages on Instagram — they can really help you!
9. Familiarize yourself with UI patterns
10. Learn to define the hierarchy of your product

These are some of the basic tips that I can think of. Do you also have any such tips? Please share in the comments.

Lets learn from each other

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